Caring for your boiler and central heating system will help to keep your home warm and avoid problems and it’s really easy to do. Consider doing the following to help keep things running smoothly.

Set your timer

Your boiler doesn’t need to be running all day – make sure that you set it to fit your usual daily routine. You’ll probably want to have plenty of hot water (and heat too in the colder months) first thing in the morning. You’ll also want to set your boiler to turn itself off when you’re out.
Using the timer properly, you can cut your energy bills dramatically without running out of hot water. Also, the less strain you put on your boiler, the longer its lifespan.

Radiator check

Noticed that your radiators are cold? You may find that there is air trapped in them. The air pockets stop the hot water from circulating around the radiator. Bleeding your radiators is a simple process and can result in hotter radiators. You can buy a radiator key for just a pound or two from most DIY stores. Bleeding your radiators regularly will keep your system running efficiently and your radiators piping hot.

Fit Carbon Monoxide and smoke detectors

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide can kill quickly and quietly so you won’t want to take any chances. Detectors aren’t expensive and are easily fitted. Absolutely worth it for the pace of mind that they bring for you and your family.

Photo of a combi boilerBoiler pressure

Your system runs at its best when it’s at the correct pressure. This is really easy to do. Simply find the pressure gauge near to your boiler and check that it’s reading between 1 and 1.5 bar. Failing to make this simple check can result in your boiler malfunctioning and an expensive repair down the line.