What is power flushing?

Power flushing is where a machine is connected to a heating system and water is pumped round at a high flow rate. The water forces all sludge and debris out of the radiators and boiler. The water is then discharged via the machine, leaving you with a nice clean and efficient system.

What symptoms would you expect from a dirty heating system?

The main symptom is cold or warm spots on your radiators, normally at the bottom and middle. We refer to this as the pyramiding effect. This is caused by sludge building up inside the radiators.
You may also notice your boiler cycling too often. This would cause you boiler to reach temperature quickly and turn off. This is caused by poor water circulation. The effects of this is lower temperature at your radiators and your rooms not feeling very warm at all.
Another symptom is water discharging into the feed and expansion tank. Usually this is due to severe blockage and very poor circulation in the primary pipework.
If you have a combi boiler, you might notice poor hot water performance. This will usually be caused by a partially blocked hot water plate exchanger.

Dirty water being discharged from a central heating system during a power flush.How do we power flush a system

Firstly before we carry out the power flush, we always talk with the customer to find out what symptoms they are having with their heating system and boiler. We initially check the quality and PH level of water, then we connect the power flushing machine and carry out a pre-clean. We then add cleaning chemicals to the system and power flush each radiator individually, plus the boiler. Once this is done, we carry out a dynamic flush where fresh water is added to the system and dirty water is discharged to a drain point.  Once the PH levels are back to a normal, inhibitor is added to the system to protect it for the future, leaving you with a nice warm house again.
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